The Working Group on Approximate Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence started off with a small group of researchers which, at the end of the 70s, started working on Fuzzy Sets Theory and Fuzzy Logic. Their work, along with that of other pioneering groups, was the first of its kind on these subjects in Spain. Almost all the researchers from our University who work in this field form part of this group, whose general line of research is the processing of problems about imprecision and uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, using Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Sets Theory as models for this purpose.

At the present time, the group's research work is much wider, but these models still form the central theme for most of our research work. As mentioned earlier, interest in these subjects started off at our University at the end of the 70s. As early as 1977, the first papers were presented to nationals and internationals Congresses, and in 1980 the first Doctoral Thesis in this field was read. The first publications on Fuzzy Logic that were published in International Journals date back to the year 1982. From then onwards, there was a phase of consolidation and development which culminated in the official forming of the group as a Working Group of the Andalusian Research Plan in 1988. The group's results over the last few years have placed it amongst the top ones in its field according to the ranking of the Andalusian Research Plan.